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Automated Time and Attendance System for Business

Advanced Expansion offers time and attendance software that allows managers to track employees and their working hours across different office locations.

This application tracks attendance patterns and makes it easy for the management to get automated timesheets and work distribution across different shifts, different locations and different offices.

The application can cover all aspects of time tracking such as clock in/out, breaks, and activity tracking. It also offers a suite of sophisticated features such as facial recognition and accessibility through a browser, regardless of the device’s operating system, Geotagging attendance as well as RFID & QR Code integration.

Time and attendance system application aims to automate the process of time management, with attendance in and out entries of employees from multiple offices/work from home locations, as well as visitor management systems. It provides the facility to export the reports in XLS / PDF format for seamless connection with different HRMS or other systems for reporting & payroll purposes.

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Our Time and Attendance software solutions are aimed at optimizing the workforce for all industries


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Our time and attendance software is a white-label solution that is ready to use with a quick setup.

All punch images are stored in a secure Amazon S3 Bucket.

Once you get the time and attendance system, it is very quick and easy to set up by yourself. However, we will be happy to assist you with any support required for your setup.

Yes, time and attendance software are powered with cutting-edge technology and native machine learning libraries to support face recognition even in offline mode.


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Our time and attendance software offers ease of tracking employees across multiple offices.