Network / hardware devices

Structured Networks

Avoid slow problems in your local network through a structured network project for your company.

A network with structured cabling, designed in accordance with the Technical Standards ANSI / EIA / TIA-568, ANSI / EIA / TIA-606 and using the best technologies on the market, enables a high speed network and superior performance, as well as integration data, voice and video systems efficiently.

The structured network promotes security, improvement and systematization in the image, data and voice sharing of companies.

ADVANCED EXPANSION, S.A, designs and installs structured Data and Voice cabling systems, Fiber Optic backbones, SCS - Structured Connectivity Solutions and Gigabit.

The structured network is constantly used in companies, mainly medium to large, as they have a large number of data to be shared, systematically. Thus, it is necessary for the company's computer network to be in sync and be able to communicate without data loss, in addition to supporting a large number of information. For this, the structured network is set up which, besides

Structured network of gutters for cables and equipment, baseboards and frames, floors and pedestals, for cement slabs and for floating floors (data centers, training rooms, etc.).


Structured Network Cabling and infrastructure deployed through a single physical medium supports data, voice, image, building, residential, IPTV, VoIP, and other applications. With our services your company will have:

Logical projects

  • Design and Installation of Voice and Data Networks
  • Launch of UTP cables: CAT.5e and CAT.6 and CAT.6A
  • Installation of Patch Panels, RJ-45 Connectors, keystones
  • Installation and Configuration of Network Assets
  • Maintenance of existing cabling
  • Rack Organization and Restructuring
  • Identification, Certification and Mapping of Cat5e, Cat6 Networks
  • As Built documentation, in the delivery of the work


  • Infrastructure Project
  • Diagnosis of the Network Infrastructure Environment
  • Cable trays, profiles and metal beds
  • Metallic and PVC Piping
  • Baseboard PVC channels
  • Rack Mounting, Telefonica
  • We supply all equipment for networks

Wireless networks

  • Wireless Network Design and Installation (Wifi)
  • Wireless Network Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Installation in locations where cabling cannot be performed
  • Installation and Configuration of Routers (Wifi)
  • Signal Replicator Installation and Configuration
  • We provide all equipment for wireless network (Wifi)


Changing facilities?


Advanced Expansion supports the installation and relocation of offices. The change of facilities or the expansion of the computer network is always a complex process that affects all business areas of companies.

We have a highly qualified and certified technical team to carry out the most diverse processes related to the installation of networks or equipment, as well as to elaborate network installation projects.

PLANNING: Survey of needs, analysis and recommendations;

DESIGN: Wiring;

INSTALLATION: Switches, Firewall and Servers;

CHANGE: Network certification;

SUPPORT: Maintenance of the computer network, computer support and support.

We guarantee that you are always in good hands to get the best results.

So you can focus on just getting back to work and forgetting about IT issues related to moving your company’s facilities and IT facilities.


We work with a contract for the provision of services, attendance of occasional and separate calls.

Cost Reduction

When hiring our services, your company will benefit from tax advantages, cost reduction in several areas, stop investing in IT REAL ESTATE ASSETS, always with technological updates.

We have strategic partners, which allows us to offer our customers the best products and services in the IT area, following the UPDATE, EVOLUTION and INNOVATION in this market, with highly competitive COSTS.

Customized services, our goal is to MINIMIZE COSTS and MAXIMIZE the RESULTS of our customers, through information technology. According to research by IDC, the Outsourcing market is expected to grow 13%, which indicates that companies are choosing to outsource this service.


  • Maintenance Contract with full and partial coverage of parts or only labor
  • Contract with specialized service according to the client’s needs
  • SLA time of up to 06 hours for attendance, resident technician and periodic visits, attendance on duty on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
  • Rental of equipment for automation of services such as: cash drawers, bar code readers among others
  • Sales
  • Maintenance


Hire a Graphic Designer

If you are a small company, agency, office, office or professional activity and are looking for a professional in graphic design or web design in the market to be part of your team, but you cannot afford to have a fixed professional in your company , We can help you.

Business card

Does your business already have a brand and what you need is to create a business card that presents it properly? We will make the perfect layout for your business card

Menu Art

Do you own a restaurant, bar, snack bar or any type of establishment and need a menu? We will develop the creation of your menu. We follow the A4 size (210 x 297 mm) as standard. But we can develop the menu in the format you want. Increase your sales with an organized and different menu. Encourage your customers to buy more products with an attractive menu design.

Brochure art (pamphlet, flyer, folder or brochure)

Professional Brochure Creation Does your business already have a Brand and what you need is to create a Brochure that presents it properly? We will make the perfect layout for your brochure! Conquer new partnerships and customers with a professional Brochures, generate more sales and business.

Logo Development

Does your company, office, office or professional activity need a logo? So it’s time to create a quality brand that represents your business properly. And the well-executed creation of a logo will convey the perfect first impression, taking the initial step towards success!

Institutional Stationery

Having your new visual identity in hand, it’s time to apply it to all material generated by your company: Notepad ,Thank you / birthday cards, Name tags, Envelopes, Hang tags, Forms, Letterhead, Folders for documents.Be sure that this standardization is essential for your business to be perceived, by customers and employees, as a highly professional trustworthy company.

Art for Shirt Print

Creation of art / print in vector format standard measures. Disclose the name of your company, standardize the shirt worn by your work teams or create a gift for your customers to carry your brand printed on the chest.

Art for Social Network Post

The creative world does creation, artwork, branding, visual identity, illustration, visual communication, graphic production, Web Creation, Social Network Post.

Interactive Business Card

If you don’t already have an INTERACTIVE BUSINESS CARD, now is the time! Show the customer that you are 100% connected and present that unique experience to them. Therefore, for sure your business will never be seen in the same way again.


The gift is a special communication tool for your company to stand out and remain in the customer’s mind, which is extremely important for your product or service.Its greatest benefits are to promote the strengthening of the brand with its customers, in addition to the clear demonstration of affection with the recipient of the gift, bringing it even closer. More than gifts … selling tools: Agendas, Photobooks, Packaging, Backpacks, Cups, Calendars (table and wall), Bags, T-Shirts, Caps, Vests.

Art for Printed Banner and Sticker

The creation of Banner and Stickers must always be developed by professionals in the area of graphic design or advertising. These professionals, in addition to developing works with a better concept and finish, know how to guide the client on what should be disclosed and how it should be disclosed to avoid legal problems.

Professional website creation

We produce sites with layout and programming focused on results to make your site easily found on search engines and become a generator of commercial opportunities for your business. Make creating your website project easy and fast.

Development Services

Leveraging Technology That Empowers People

Web development

We build secure web application development solutions that align with the client's business requirements and strategies. Focused on the collaborative approach, our team understands customers' needs to unlock value and build next generation capabilities.

Mobile app development

We take advantage of the latest technologies, tools, structures and SDKs to develop custom mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Our customers won awards and were featured on the App Store.

Microsoft Development

Advanced Expansion specializes in Microsoft development and consulting to drive innovation and growth in the digital age. Our team leads customer projects in the future with a mission to take advantage of Microsoft technologies.

Front-end development

Advanced Expansion experience in front-end development ensures fast time to market and user-driven results. We use modern structures to enable faster development of elements, powerful resources, responsive websites, mobility and layouts.