Why we choose AE as First Customer?

To identify the Challenges

Multiple Tool Management

Tracking and managing multiple tools such as Gmail/Basecamp, Calender, Jera/Bugzilla/Trello


Eliminate multiple tools implementation and increase your productivity by using single Tool

Workflow Management

Different workflow for each tool


One System, One Solution, One Workflow

Tracking & Data Management

Tracking & Data Management at one location


Centralized Tracking & Data Management

System Sync

Syncing between all system


No worry about syncing, it’s One Stop Solution

Low Training Costs

Training for all Software/Tools for new Employees/Clients


Reduce Training Efforts & Cost

No Recurring Costs

High Recurring cost due to multiple systems


No Recurring Costing, One Time Investment

Overcome Security Challenges

Security concerns of sensitive information due to multiple tools


Centralized Tracking & Data Management

Why do You Become Our Next Customer?

Who can get the Benefits

Online collaboration tool can help businesses of all sizes to work faster and more efficiently, allowing your team to access documents & work on projects from anywhere.


Do you think that is not enough? Here are more advanced features!

Kanban Board

Manage your own workflow status and assign feedback/issues based on status to specific members. Get an understanding of status workflow and get a notification while moving feedback from one status to another.


Communicate smartly with other apps through rich integrations: Jira, Trello, Basecamp, Slack, MatterMost, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive. Experience enhanced functionality with integrations.


Turn frequently-used conversations & Todos into a standard template for quick reference. Use the template for projects you need to repeat again & again to save time. No need to start from scratch each time!

Google Chrome Extension

A special Extension to submit feedback with screenshots through Google Chrome. It’s useful for browser-based URLs like Static / Dynamic Websites, Wireframes, Designs. Feedback will land directly in the project.

Dashboard & Reports

Get instant visibility and insights you need to make informed decisions in real-time to get the progress of your project. Our tool provides a complete & comprehensive dashboard of highly sophisticated reports.


It shows Progress of project through timeline. It's updated in real-time and contains info about new conversations, response to existing conversations, answering questions, meetings, sharing demos & feedback.

Recording SDK

If a reviewer wants to review iPhone & Android App and submit feedback/issues/suggestions directly from mobile device, this is the platform to provide feedback with specific App Demo without losing control.

Rich Notifications-Email/PUSH

Keep yourself updated with rich Email & Push notifications for each update/events happening by project team members. This will help you get real-time and instant update to monitor the progress of your project.


Why Choose Instaconnect for your Business?

Instaconnect, our project collaboration brings all your project communication to one place.

What is IN for me?

Benefits of best project collaboration tool


Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing, by questioning anything we arrive at the greater solutions.

Our Project Management software is ideal for companies who wish to simplify and improve the work co-ordination among their team members. It enables the employees in the company to be more organized, productive, and effective through the intuitive automated tracking and workflow.

There is not any kind of limitation on projects and Users to add in this platform. You can add unlimited number of projects and unlimited number of Users.

Our project management software development solution is bit remarkable by providing a one-stop system for a complete project to be managed from start to end. Through this solution, you can manage all project related conversations with internal and external teams separately, Calendar & Meeting Management, Tasks, Todo, Demo & Feedback – All at one place!

Yes, project execution consists of multiple tasks for a user, and prioritization of tasks is compulsory for the smooth execution of a project. By keeping this in mind we developed a project management system where users can select the task by defining its priority – low, medium, or high. Apart from this we also provided color codes for the tasks to differentiate.


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