Instant messaging applications are transforming
the way companies connect and accelerate the customer experience.

Live chat and messaging app instant: how it works

We have successfully built chat and messaging apps for Android, iOS and the web.

Advanced Expansion can build instant messaging apps similar to Whatsapp for Android, iPhone and the Web with advanced functionality exactly based on your requirements. At the crucial point, however, our messaging apps are mainly about connecting people and facilitating private conversations.


Instant messaging app features

Our instant messaging solutions and services help you achieve the desired results in your business.

Get personalized chat experience by connecting with your near and dear ones. Send and receive texts, videos, and images. With the group chat option, users can chat with multiple people at same time.

End-to-end encryption

It guarantees that the data exchanged between users is completely secure, guaranteeing total confidentiality.

Chat technology

Cutting-edge technologies like WebRTC, NodeJS, Socket.IO to provide a perfect real-time messaging experience.

Share the most beautiful moments clicked and the most valuable memories to be kept with your loved ones. Innovative features aimed at easy sharing of images and audio / videos, as well as instant photos.

Image and Audio

Sharing audios, images and video files with friends and family with the option to record and send audio files, music files with this application.

Location sharing

With this feature in the instant messaging app, share your exact location with others.


Advance Features & Functionalities

Get access to some of the trending features in Instant messaging app development

Chatbot Integration

Incorporate chatbot functionality & solutions to ensure seamless and intuitive communication with customers for an enhanced experience

AWS S3 Bucket

Option to save, organize and manage different types of files and data in Amazon S3 bucket for immersive experience.

Language Translation

Entire application, website and backend translation to a prefered foreign language right to all button labels, login text & much more.


Privacy and security review of encrypted messaging, end-to-end encryption for voice/video calls and instant messages with its protocol.

GIF Facility

GIF integration with the chat module to meet the increasing demand. GIF module will appear as a separate tab in the chat section for admin.

Data Encryption

Secure data and information exchange through a messaging app, maintaining end-to-end encryption and online privacy.


Instant Messaging App: Screenshots

Check the best instant messaging solution with a suite of features group
chat rooms, audio/video chats, screen sharing and video conferencing.


Instant Messaging apps for different platforms to ensure
collaboration and communication.

Web App
iPhone App
Admin Web Panel
Department Panel
Android App

Benefits of Instant Chat App Solutions

Facilitating instant messaging & communication, bringing together
teams and enhancing efficiency.


Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing, by questioning anything we arrive at the greater solutions.

Our instant messaging app is a whitelabel solution offering quick time to market. However, we can discuss your requirements to give you an exact timeline.

There are several factors that will directly impact the cost such as any advanced features needed. We can discuss your requirements to give you an exact estimate.

We used Swift V4 for iOS and Kotlin for Android

Yes, this app is in Native Platform.

Media files will be stored in the server.

Advanced Expansion is a leading enterprise mobile application development company with more than 16 years’ experience. We work with clients closely right from the initial planning stage till the completion of the app. We have built beautiful, user friendly and intuitive mobile applications that match the clients’ requirements and budget using the latest tools and technologies and deliver exceptional apps.


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