About Us

Advanced Expansion, S.A., an innovative young Angolan company that aims to diversify and contribute to the sustainable growth of the technological market in Angola. Dedicated to the practice of Trade in Computer Products and Provision of Technological Services within the range of products and services, Advanced Expansion has a vast and diversified and very competitive Stock Map in the Angolan market.


Leveraging Technology That Empowers People


Our philosophy, and the reason for our existence, is to transform the satisfaction of technological needs into a pleasant experience. Our philosophy is to assist companies and people in solving problems, not only selling, but mainly, Promoting Trust and Partnership.


We value, above all, our ability to serve customers and partners. We are responsible for our customers, employees, partners and the community in which we live.

We seek to make unique contributions to our customers and partners, investing in innovation and continuous improvement for sustainable growth.

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.


To be a reference company, recognized for providing innovative solutions, products and services in information technology in Angola and in the world.


Constantly seek the expectations of our customers, combining ethics, human resources, technologists and organizations, to plan, develop and offer efficient and reliable solutions.

Quality policy

We produce sites with layout and programming focused on results to make your site easily found in search engines and become a commercial generator ...